Improving the banks at Waddon Ponds

Waddon Ponds is very popular with the local wildfowl , especially the Canadian geese who have thrived here over the last few years. Numbers of geese have risen so much that the banks are being eroded and the vegetation trodden. In response the parks departments has planted new reeds and used a wire mesh fence along the bank to restrict access to the water for the geese except at strategic points.

The results have been extremely successful, the reeds have flourished to over six feet tall and the vegetation has grown back substantially attracting insects and improving the aesthetic appeal of the waters edge. Top marks to the council!

Ducks racing to the bank

Ducks racing to the bank

During the poor weather last Spring the heavily eroded bank could no longer support one of their tallest trees that eventually toppled over. The parks took this opportunity to shore up the banks and provide wooden walkways down into the water for the ducks and geese.They like the easy access looking at this picture.


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