Disc Golf on the Short Course

I thought I would test out the disc golf course at Lloyd park . It was a dull day and the course was empty, so I thought it was the ideal opportunity to hire one of the professional discs from the café . A charge of £2.00 for hire of the disc and a £10.00 deposit secured me a blue pro disc. I noticed it was slimmer and had a pronounced rim compared to my Frisbee, sorry Disc,  that I have at Home.

rented disc

rented disc

The course is free to play and you have a choice of two courses the full length 18 hole par 4 course or the considerably shorter par 3 course. I opted for the short course considering that time was limited and I also did not wish to embarrass myself tackling a large course that was probably beyond my current skill-set!

Tee  3 on short course

Tee no 3 on short course

The café kindly provide you with a scorecard and on the short course each hole averages around 40 metres. The first tee is just beyond the children’s playground was quite easy to find .I had a few practice throws to get used to the new disc.

I remembered the first time I played here many years ago there was no 9 hole course and I had borrowed my daughters Barbie Frisbee to get round. I’m pleased to say the pro disc flew a bit  further but I also found it quite easy to put spin on my throw. This backspin would be ideal if my disc went beyond the basket , but sorry to say my first attempt fell short of the hole and spun back like a boomerang almost to my feet!

disc basket

disc basket or hole

Clearly more practice is required before the disc golf club sign me up! However from their website they seem a friendly bunch and they do say that you can keep the disc while forfeiting your deposit, so you can play again and again. I will try out my sport frisbee on another occasion to see how this compares to the pro disc . Prices for a pro disc bought from any online retailer  are from  around £10.00 so buying your own should not break the bank.

scorecard for nine hole course

card showing layout of short nine hole course

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my round and will certainly play again with my friends. The nine-hole course was nicely layed out so I recommend it to everyone regardless of age . You should though be fairly fit as the course is hilly , although the short distances involved should not prove too difficult. Please check with your doctor if you have  a health condition.


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