Upside Down Tulip

Upside Down Tulip

Upside Down Tulip

I recently spotted this unusual tulip in Coombe Wood Garden . How did the council contract gardeners  get the tulip to grow upside down? Did they have to plant the bulb upside down or turn it around once it had started growing. It looks like it has been ” slam dunked” on the basketball court. I wonder if you have any ideas?

I will have to check with Terence , gardener of the year in 2013 for the official explanation. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the picture. Just in case you might be thinking that I manipulated the image I have included another one with their more regular cousins.

Tulips two upside down

Tulips two upside down


One thought on “Upside Down Tulip

  1. According to a popular search engine, this plant is known as a Fritillaria imperialis, or crown imperial, found in places such as Iraq and Pakistan. I think from far away it almost looks like a pineapple! Great find!


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