Tallest Building in Croydon

Saffron Square in the middle

Saffron Square in the centre with the Altitude 25 tower on the far left

I am reminded of the Eagles hit “a new kid in town” that can aptly describe the latest and  tallest building in Croydon. A few years ago that honour went to “Altitude 25” a tower block comprising as the name suggests, of 25 floors of residential housing. Now that mantle passes to the new “kid” ,Saffron Square, a pink/light red 43 storey block of apartments and penthouses.

The best way to take in the view of Croydon’s skyline is from the viewpoint at the top of Addington Hills. When I last posted a picture from here Saffron square, while under construction, was not visible above the treeline. But with its completion and the skyline dominated by cranes engaged in building further high-rise dwellings, I felt that new pictures were warranted.

Canry Wharf with the 02 on the right

Canary Wharf with the 02 on the right

A sunny if cold day meant visibility across not only Croydon but the whole of South London toward the City was very good. I could also identify the arch of Wembley Stadium in the West.

Wembley arch in the middle of the background

Wembley arch in the middle of the background

I hope you enjoy the photographs and take a trip to the viewpoint soon. Don’t worry about the cold, after you have walked uphill from Coombe Wood or Oaks Road you will be quite warm and grateful of a breather to enjoy the view!

BBC transmitter at Crystal Palace , with the shard on the right

BBC transmitter at Crystal Palace, with the Shard on the right


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