Heathfield Open Day

The open day took place on Sunday under cloudy skies but this did not deter the crowds enthusiasm for the orchard tour that was engagingly conducted by Mick a longstanding volunteer at the Croydon Ecology Centre.


Lane’s Prince Albert

He explained that the land had laid derelict for 25 years before being leased free by the council to the volunteers in 1998. It took 2 years to clear the land and 100 fruit trees , pears,plums and apples all pre 1900 varieties  were planted. We are able to sample a number of  apple varieties including Blenheim Orange, American Mother and Lane’s Prince Albert.


Blenheim Orange

Two Herdwick Sheep , Sam 5 years  and Ben 3, also live at they end of the orchard in pens.The sheep originate from the mountains of Cumbria and were saved from extinction by a certain Beatrix Potter. One chap piped up “Was that Harry Potter’s Mum?”. A breeding programme was set up by Beatrix and now the wool is popular for use in eco-friendly building insulation.


ripening grapes

In the recent Croydon Council Development Plan the Ecology Centre  was formally recognised as a site of nature conservation.


another close up of the royal variety show

The house was open for Cream Teas and cake in the pantry , plants were on sale and the Croydon Astronomical Society were in attendance.


2 thoughts on “Heathfield Open Day

  1. Looks nice, haven’t been there for a while, I will be taking my sister and her husband to Heathfield as it is just the kind of thing she likes. She lives in the US.


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