Seagulls and Swans at Waddon Ponds

gulls shadowA sunny day in winter is as rare as tickets to the new Star Wars movie . Plus my daughter let me borrow her Canon PowerShot 14x optical zoom ( better than my 5x) so I hot footed it down to Waddon Ponds to capture the action.

gulls channelWhen I was small boy my mum told me that the sight of  seagulls inland meant there was a storm at sea. All I can say is that most days there must be a storm at sea as there are always gulls at Waddon Ponds. They seem to permanently inhabit the perches meant to guide the Kingfishers through the water channel when hunting for fish. Unfortunately, the idea never took off with the Kingfisher and the only time you will spot him is on the information board.

gulls fisher

gulls swans

Swans investigating any food sources

Of course Gulls are such a common sight inland nowadays that they are referred to as urban gulls. They find rich pickings in the discarded food packets that tend to be left behind on our streets and hang about over refuse centres. They nest at the top of  office blocks and houses safe from their usual predators like foxes so that more gull chicks survive. It is estimated that there are 100,000 breeding pairs of urban gulls in our towns and cities.

gulls swan miror

He looked in the water and saw he was a swan

Besides the gulls the swans and the herons were out enjoying the winter sunshine too.

gulls swan feather

A swan’s feather

gulls heron bwh

Heron in the shade of the setting sun

gulls heron color

Heron in color. No sign of his partner that also frequents the ponds


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