Welcome to the magnificent seven parks in Croydon

As I enjoy visiting Croydon’s Parks I thought I would share my enthusiasm with a wider audience.

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As I can’t include all the parks in Croydon I thought I would limit my coverage to parks in Central Croydon that can be reached within a 10 minute tram journey from East Croydon and that are also on tram route 3 from Addington Hills to Wandle Park. The whole  tram route is between New Addington and Wimbledon.

Parks that made the cut

The parks I have covered include from East to West : Heathfield, Addington Hills , Coombe Wood, Lloyd Park, Park Hill, Wandle Park and Waddon Ponds. Seven of the best parks that have great open spaces, fine floral displays, cafes and swings, in fact something for everyone. Of course not every park will have all these features but you will have fun exploring the different attributes of each park.