Disc Golf

championship tee -

championship tee – the hedgehog hole

There are two disc golf courses at Lloyd park . A short beginners nine hole par three course where tee to green is around 40 metres , and the longer championship course  where the shortest hole is around 70 metres and the longest is 170 metres or 554yards a par four hole. Both courses are free to play.

message from disc golf

message from disc golf






I have tried the short nine hole course and you can hire one of the professional discs from the café. Please note the café is open between the hours of nine am and five pm .A charge of £2.00 for hire of the disc and a £10.00 deposit secured me a blue disc. If you are so enamoured by the game you can keep the disc but forfeit your deposit.

disc basket

disc basket or hole










I found the game to be quite challenging but also exhilarating . My disc would spin towards the target but then miss the basket by a few inches and then settle behind some trees!

I recommend you try the sport at least once and for further information you can go to the Croydon Disc Golf . They arrange regular meets on a Sunday and arrange an annual championship.

However, this is a game for all ages and the whole family can enjoy a round on the short nine hole course. It is situated near the children’s playground so mums and dad’s can encourage kids to play with the promise they can play on the swings later!

scorecard for nine hole course

scorecard for nine hole course