Loop Walk

Here’s a suggestion for a walk from Lloyd Park . The route is quite hilly so you need a modicum of fitness. Please check with your doctor if you are in any doubt or have an existing health condition.

walk through hedge at hole 9

walk through hedge at hole 9

From Lloyd Park café , near the tram stop, head go around the children’s playground and head towards the right hand corner and hole number 9 on the disc golf course.From hole 9 walk through the arch in the hedge (pictured) and go across the field.



exit to oaks farm road

exit to oaks farm road

At the far end by the white barrier take the road on the right , oaks farm road . Walking away from the farm until you reach the top of the road , at the junction with Oaks Road.




oaks lane cross here

background shows oaks lane cross here to join path in foreground

Cross over Oaks Road , but please take extreme caution as this is a very busy road and traffic is fast moving. Give yourself plenty of time to cross. You are now at the bottom  of Addington Hills , take the path to the left that parallels the road and walk along 50 yards until you meet a wider path that forms part of the official London loop. Take the right fork of this loop so you are walking in general direction of where you have came .

walk up hill towards viewing platform

following the loop sign walk up hill towards viewing platform

Remaining on the London loop take the path up the hill. This hill is very steep and the path is rough in places so please exercise care , particularly if wet .Due to the severity of the slope it may be best to avoid it if you have any health problems. Continue up the path until you reach the top and meet the viewing platform. Stop to enjoy the surrounding hills and the magnificent view across South London and towards the City where the shard is usually visible.



view from the platform at addington hills

view from the platform at addington hills

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen ready follow the gravel path and at the summit by the Chinese Restaurant  take a right turn still on the loop and ahead towards Coombe Lane tram stop. You may end your walk here cross the tram tracks and take the Tram back to Lloyd park and Croydon town centre. Alternatively continue on the London loop and head towards Heathfield a further ten minute walk.

The signpost destination is Selsdon Woods but you may prefer to use the Pedestrian Crossing  opposite the tram stop as Coombe Lane is very busy and can be difficult to cross .

Walk up Coombe Lane until you come to Ballards Way. Heathfield is across the road , again take care crossing as the roads are used as a cut through by traffic from South Croydon . Spend sometime at heathfield enjoying the flowers, rose garden and ponds. When ready head back to Coombe Lane tram stop and return to Lloyd park. Total walking time is about one to one and a half hours depending on your general level of fitness.